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[easyazon_image align=”left” height=”333″ identifier=”B074PCJ4F7″ locale=”US” src=”” tag=”douloschristo-20″ width=”222″]Pastoral Care and Politics

A Review of

Care of Souls, Care of Polis:
Toward a Political Pastoral Theology

Ryan Lamothe

Paperback: Cascade Books, 2017
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Reviewed by James Matichuk

*** This review originally appeared on the reviewer’s blog,
      and is reprinted here with permission.  Visit his blog for tons of great reviews!

Pastoral Care is often thought of on a purely micro level—counseling congregants through a crisis, walking alongside families in grief, or shepherding local congregations. Political theology, on the other hand, describes political, economic, social structures and practices, examining the issues at a more macro level. But what if there is a deep link between the political and the personal? What if the best way to care for souls, is to care for the polis—providing a framework for the flourishing of both individual persons and the common good?

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835300: Whole Life Transformation: Becoming the Change Your Church Needs

A Brief Review of

Whole Life Transformation:
Becoming the Change Your Church Needs

By Keith D. Meyer.
Hardback: Intervarsity Press, 2010.

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Reviewed by William Mills

If you want a book that inspires, encourages, and stirs the imagination then Keith Meyer’s new book, Whole Life Transformation is just the book for you. Keith Meyer has both an MDiv and DMin degree and has been a pastor for over thirty years. He started the Church of the Open Door in Maple Grove, MN and currently serves as a senior fellow with the Renovare Spiritual Formation Institute. Meyer is also a contributing editor to Leadership Journal as well as an editor of the Journal of Spiritual Formation and Soul Care.

Many books deal either with spirituality or ministry but Whole Life Transformation includes the best of both these worlds. Meyer shows his readers that ministry leaders must be proactive in their own spiritual journey, seeking mental, physical, and spiritual health so that they can go out and serve God’s people. Meyer notes that many pastors, himself included, have lived, breathed, and preached a very active and “busy” ministry which included Church growth, high-energy evangelism, and increasing membership in their churches. However, after hitting bottom with his own personal demons as well as the repercussions of family dysfunction, Meyer sought help. Throughout this book Meyer includes personal stories from his therapy which included not just visiting with a pastoral counselor but also seeking out a spiritual director. After time in deep contemplation: reading the scriptures prayerfully, taking time away from parish life in order to spend more time with family, maintaining safe personal and family boundaries, Meyer felt equipped to re-enter ministry.

Whole Life Transformation is a book that every pastor and seminarian must read at least once a year. All too often pastors fall into the trap that our job is to be the CEO of our congregations, focusing our attention on what Meyer’s calls the “externals” buildings, budgets, increasing memberships, and so forth. Due to high stress from Church authorities and from parishioners pastors succumb to high demands and pressures which often result in some sort of addictive or toxic behaviors. Meyer’s shows us that if pastors are grounded in the person and ministry of Christ, a ministry focused on prayer, rest, proper mental and physical health, then we can best serve our flocks. I congratulate Mr. Meyer for his ruthless honesty about himself and about the Church at large and his boldness to take on the many demons that are plaguing the Church today.

Do yourself a favor and “take and read” Whole Life Transformation, you won’t be disappointed.


The bread-n-butter of our bookstore business is the sale of used books, and we do a fair amount of scouting around for used books each week. In this section we feature some of the interesting books that we have found in the past week. Generally, we will only have a single copy of these books, so if you want one (or more) of them, you’ll need to respond quickly.


The Great Starvation Experiment: 
The Heroic Men Who Starved So That Millions Could Live.
Todd Tucker.  Hardcover.  Free Press. 2007.
Very Good Condition. Clean pages, minimal wear.
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Highlights of Christian Mission:
A History and Survey.
Harold Cook.

Hardcover. Moody Press. 1971 Printing.
Very Good Condition. Clean pages, minimal wear.

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Religious Ethics and Pastoral Care.
Don Browning.
Paperback. Fortress Press. 1983.
Good Condition. Mostly clean pages, minimal/moderate wear.

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