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Five New Must-Listen Podcast Episodes!!!
Jen Hatmaker talks to Kwame Alexander,
Krista Tippett talks to Eugene Peterson
Dallas Willard, Paula Gooder, MORE


These podcasts can be downloaded from the iTunes store
or from the links below.


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Today is the birthday of Krista Tippett, the renowned host of public radio’s On Being!

We are big fans of On being, and in honor of the occasion, we offer our list of the Top 10 episodes of the show…

Featuring John Lewis, Mary Oliver, Wendell Berry, David Brooks, and MORE


Krista Tippett’s Newest Book is:
[easyazon_link identifier=”1101980311″ locale=”US” tag=”douloschristo-20″]Becoming Wise: An Inquiry into the Mystery and Art of Living[/easyazon_link]


Hope you enjoy these recordings!

#10 – Padraig O’ Tuama
Belonging Creates and Undoes Us Both

*** Padraig O’ Tuama’s book
[easyazon_link identifier=”1444791729″ locale=”US” tag=”douloschristo-20″]In the Shelter[/easyazon_link]

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I’ve listened to the following On Being interview with David Steindl-Rast three times over the past week (and sections of it a fourth time).  His perspective on gratitude is so invigorating!

If you like this interview, you should definitely also read his book:

Gratefulness, The Heart of Prayer:
An Approach to Life in Fullness

Br. David Stiendl-Rast

Paperback:  Paulist Press, 1984
Buy now:  [ [easyazon_link identifier=”0809126281″ locale=”US” tag=”douloschristo-20″]Amazon[/easyazon_link] ]

I hope you enjoy this and find it challenging:

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