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ERB editor Chris Smith and frequent ERB contributor Ragan Sutterfield were a part of a seminar group at Duke Divinity School’s recent Summer Institute that penned a Christian response to the BP oil spill.

You can read the text of this response below…

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“Song of the Chattahoochee”
Sidney Lanier

[Editor’s Note: We thought that this lovely poem which describes the flow of
the Chattahoochee River from its source in Georgia to the Gulf of Mexico
offers a fitting meditation on the damage our oil consumption has wreaked
on the Gulf and its tributaries. ]

OUT of the hills of Habersham,
Down the valleys of Hall,
I hurry amain to reach the plain,
Run the rapid and leap the fall,
Split at the rock and together again,
Accept my bed, or narrow or wide,
And flee from folly on every side
With a lover’s pain to attain the plain
Far from the hills of Habersham,
Far from the valleys of Hall.

All down the hills of Habersham,
All through the valleys of Hall,
The rushes cried Abide, abide,
The wilful waterweeds held me thrall,
The laving laurel turned my tide,
The ferns and the fondling grass said Stay,
The dewberry dipped for to work delay,
And the little reeds sighed Abide, abide,
Here in the hills of Habersham,
Here in the valleys of Hall.
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