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Borders of Baptism - Michael BuddeWhat is your Primary Identity?

The Borders of Baptism:

Identities, Allegiances, and the Church

Michael L. Budde
Paperback: Cascade Books, 2011.
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Review by Chase Roden

What is your primary identity? Are you an American — or Canadian, Nicaraguan, or Texan first and foremost? Are you a mother, father, or daughter first? A Republican, Democrat, or Libertarian? Or does your faith inform your identity more than any of these allegiances? In The Borders of Baptism, professor of political science and Catholic studies at DePaul University Michael L. Budde explores this question from a wide variety of angles. What if, he asks, the identity-forming power we give to the state were reserved for the Body of Christ?

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    We’re delaying the podcast that should have ran this week, until next week — Holy Week — at which time we will reflect on Holy Week and Easter.

    Instead, I offer you today, an excellent recording of Michael Budde, professor of political science at DePaul University, speaking on the complexities that the church faces with regard to immigration.  (This recording was made at a gathering on immigration, hosted by our friends Grace Fellowship Community Church in San Francisco…)