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“A Visual, Playful and Engaging

A review of
Neruda’s Memoirs: Poems.
By Maureen Doallas.

Reviewed by Chris Enstad.

Nerudas Memoirs - Maureen DoallasNeruda’s Memoirs: Poems.
Maureen Doallas.
Paperback: TS Poetry Press, 2011.
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What is Enough” and “Spring Thaw

Maureen Doallas is, according to her biography, “a features writer, editor, poet and owner of an art-licensing business called Transformational Threads.”  She wrote these poems as a way out of the grief of the loss of her brother to cancer.  To one who might find such grief overpowering, a pain that would lead us in exactly the opposite direction of picking up this book and reading the poetry and prose contained therein, I would ask you to pause for just a moment and reflect upon what I want to tell you about this marvelous little tome:  it is a thing of beauty.

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Spring Thaw
Maureen Doallas
From her book Neruda’s Memoirs
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Heads up:

tiny shoots

break earth’s shell

spring up

from winter’s

bed of dreams

showing us

how to make

a comeback

every time.


“What is Enough”
Maureen Doallas

(from the new collection:
Neruda’s Memoirs: Poems by Maureen Doallas,
from TS Poetry Press)

Blessed are they who are thankful,
for they show us what is enough.

Legs twig-thinned, toes splayed,
you balance crumbed morsel
nit-picked ground to beak

and wait on
no more

blessing with skittered trillings
the handout
of a hand out.

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