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The finalists in the running for the National Book Award were announced earlier this month…

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If you are like us, then there probably are a number of these books that you haven’t read yet.

So, we thought we’d give you excerpts from ten of them to give you a taste of their contents.
These excerpts feature books from all four categories

The Association of Small Bombs: A Novel

Karan Mahajan


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Friendship and Loss

A Feature Review of

Raymie Nightingale: A Novel
Kate DiCamillo

Hardback: Candlewick Press, 2016
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Reviewed by Sarah Brown
It is hard to review a book like Raymie Nightingale without wanting to append a great big post-modern ‘spoiler alert’ in flashing red letters, because a full appraisal necessitates mentioning the ending. Three quarters of the way through the book, you find yourself holding it at arm’s length, squinting at it with only one eye open, and hoping for the sort of redemption that wends its way through most of Kate DiCamillo’s other novels. True to form, DiCamillo delivers her characters from what seem to be insurmountable challenges; equally true to form, she eschews a fairy tale sort of ending in favor of one more recognizable to young readers as a resolution they might actually encounter in their own lives.

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Here are a few new book releases from this week that are worth checking out:

(Where possible, we have also tried to include a review/interview related to the book…)


The Sin of Certainty: Why God Desires Our Trust More Than Our “Correct” Beliefs

By Peter Enns

Read a brief review of this book by ERB Editor Chris Smith


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