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Julia Spicher Kasdorf - Poetry in AmericaReflecting on Nostalgia, Loss, and Flight

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Poetry in America

Julia Spicher Kasdorf

Paperback: U of Pittsburgh Press, 2011.
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Reviewed By Alex Dye.

There is a universal longing, a part of the human condition, which causes one to reflect on and desire for the past.  Whether a Christmas in which all of the siblings, uncles, and cousins attended and nobody was belligerently drunk, or that great Sunday afternoon movie spent in pajamas on the couch.  We enjoy remembering our families, for better or for worse, and those influences which helped to shape us.   And yet along with that nostalgia is a natural sense of loss, moments that cannot be recaptured or changed.  In Poetry in America, author Julia Spicher Kasdorf writes on the paradoxical longing and loss by interweaving stories of the past and present with self -reflections on her person as an author, artist, mother, and woman.

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