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Food tells you everything about the way people live and who they are.”
– Martin Scorsese, filmmaker,
born on this date, 1942
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Poem of the Day:
“A Harp of Song”
by Jami,
Sufi poet,
who died this date, 1492
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The Wake Up Call – November 17, 2014


A Harp of Song

JamiAnd yet how long, Jámi, in this Old House
Stringing thy Pearls upon a Harp of Song?
Year after Year striking up some new Song,
The Breath of some Old Story? Life is gone,
And yet the Song is not the Last; my Soul
Is spent—and still a Story to be told!
And I, whose Back is crookéd as the Harp
I still keep tuning through the Night till Day!
That Harp untun’d by Time—the Harper’s hand
Shaking with Age—how shall the Harper’s hand
Repair its cunning, and the sweet old Harp
Be modulated as of old? Methinks
‘Tis time to break and cast it in the Fire;
Yea, sweet the Harp that can be sweet no more,

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