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The work of social critics is vital for the health and flourishing of the church, because they remind us of the brokenness of the world and challenge us to imagine new and more healthy ways of sharing life together.

Here are ten social critics whose work has been particularly helpful for me in trying to discern how to live faithfully in the twenty-first century. With each critic, I’ve included an excerpt that will serve as an introduction to that writer’s work.


Wendell Berry

A Kentucky farmer and writer, Berry’s work challenges us to live peacefully within the created created and to find ways to vitalize our local communities.

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Jacques Ellul

This week marked the anniversary of the death of Jacques Ellul….

Jacques Ellul was one of the keenest and most provocative Christian thinkers of the 20th century.

In remembrance of him, we offer this introductory reading guide, which highlights his most important books and suggests an order in which to read them.

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Christians were never meant to be normal. We’ve always been holy troublemakers, we’ve always been creators of uncertainty, agents of dimension that’s incompatible with the status quo; we do not accept the world as it is, but we insist on the world becoming the way that God wants it to be. And the Kingdom of God is different from the patterns of this world.”
― Jacques Ellul, Theologian and Social Critic
who was born on this day, 1931
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The Wake Up Call
Poem of the Day:
A Revolver
by Carl Sandburg,
who was born on this date, 1878
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The Wake Up Call – January 6, 2015


Friday December 11
Englewood Christian Church

THE TREACHERY OF TECHNOLOGY: A Portrait of Jacques Ellul
by Jan van Boeckel
Sub-titled in English

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Jacques Ellul

6PM – Light soup dinner ($2/person donation requested)
7PM – Film Screening
8PM – Discussion of the film

Jacques Ellul is one of the thinkers who has been most influential on our theology here at Englewood. Come view and discuss this essential documentary with us.

Description of the movie:

J. Ellul, The Technological Society, Intro:

“The term technique, as I use it, does not mean machines, technology, or this or that procedure for attaining an end. In our technological society, technique is the totality of methods rationally arrived at and having absolute efficiency (for a given stage of development) in every field of human activity. Its characteristics are new; the technique of the present has no common measure with that of the past.” (p. xxv)

In 1950, Ellul finished his manuscript La Technique ou l’enjeu du siecle (The Technological Society), his seminal analysis of the way technology shapes every aspect of society. As contemporary thinker, he was strongly influenced by Kierkegaard, Marx and Barth. After a live, in which he wrote close to fifty books, Ellul died in the summer of 1994, at the age of 82.

The team of ReRun Produkties visited Ellul in 1990. During five subsequent days, long interview sessions were held with him in his old mansion in Pessac. The Betrayal by Technology is one of the very few existing filmed recordings of Jacques Ellul speaking.

1992, 54 minutes


(H/T: Twon )

These are, of course, a bit ironic: YouTube videos of Jacques Ellul critiquing Technology.  Regardless, it is excellent to have the opportunity to watch him.  I, for one, had never seen video footage of him before…

This is a six part series, taken from a larger docmentary on technology.  Ellul is speaking in his native French, but English sub-titles are provided.

Part 1:

Part 2:

>>>>> YouTubePlaylist (with links to all six video segments)