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Defying the System and Inspiring Hope
A Review of 

The New Pioneers: How Entrepreneurs Are Defying the System to Rebuild the Cities and Towns of America
J.P. Faber

Hardback: BenBella Books, 2017
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Reviewed by Ryan Johnson

Stories have a profound impact on people. They have this inherent ability to communicate facts and reality in such a way that they leave a lasting impression. The best stories go beyond this by transforming us for the greater good. They have a way of altering preconceived ideas and strongly held beliefs in a way that other forms of communication cannot. They make us consider different viewpoints by taking us beyond our own life experiences and placing us into the lives of others. They can even create strong advocates for causes for which one otherwise had no interest. In The New Pioneers, Faber does just this by communicating stories of a movement fueled by new entrepreneurs that is taking aim at the things that restrict creativity and innovation, that is over-regulation and bureaucracy.
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