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Barna Frames

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The Barna Frames series

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A 9 book series on critical issues facing churches today.

Authors include Carol Howard Merritt, Bob Goff, Nicole Baker Fulgham, Jon Tyson, MORE

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035661: Christians at the Border: Immigration, the Church, and the Bible

A Review of

Christians at the Border:
Immigration, the Church, and the Bible

By M. Daniel Carroll R.
Paperback: Baker Academic, 2008.
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Reviewed by Laretta Benjamin.

[  EDITOR’S NOTE: Although this book is about three years old now, we didn’t give it a proper review when it came out, and with the coming No Longer Strangers conference on the Church and immigration that we will be hosting, we wanted to take this opportunity to review it…]

Qué el Señor nos illumine y otorgue entendimiento.  May the Lord illumine us and grant us understanding is the prayer the author prays in the opening pages of his writing. I would be so bold as to add “and all the people said, Amen”. Oh that we as God’s people truly had those renewed minds and hearts Scripture speaks of, then we might actually begin to see things as God sees them and not as they are colored by our nationalities, our cultures and our personal agendas.  Christians at the Border is an incredible encouragement to God’s people to be a reflection of the wisdom of God and the humility, grace and mercy demonstrated in Christ in the midst of all the immigration rhetoric.

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A Brief Review of

Working with Aging Families:
Therapeutic Solutions for Caregivers, Spouses and  Adult Children
Kathleen Piercy.
Hardback: W.W. Norton ,2010.
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Reviewed by Jennifer Price.

As our population includes many more people over the age of 65, we are forced to address the question of how do we take care of aging people?  Our little nuclear families are not always equipped to take care of aging parents and more often other support is needed, physically, mentally and spiritually.  Our families often include step-children and step-parents in a mobile culture which add to the complexity of caring for our families.  This book provides resources for counselors and therapists in navigating the golden years in the outpatient realm.

In order to get a grasp on this challenge, one must start with understanding the family dynamics and the transitions that older people make.  This book offers help in the aging process in the earlier years of aging, as well as the later years.  It offers examples of families who sought out therapy, with challenges such as, how to communicate with a family member or spouse who has MCI (mild cognitive impairment) or lessons in communication in marriage counseling for the later years.  Piercy suggests, that addressing these challenges sometimes involves psycho-educational  seminars at a senior community center for those reluctant to see a therapist. She offers several vivid examples of therapy sessions that demonstrate how people learn to cope, problem solve, and give resources.  Her research is thorough; in coordinating the care of the elderly person’s families she provices resources for various contexts, both urban and rural.  This can ease the stress placed on families in such situations.  Many times the children of elderly parents like to reciprocate the care they once received, but with health issues it can still be taxing to the caregivers.  Piercy explores complex family situations such as elderly parents who have a developmentally disabled adult child for whom they provide  care.  Another complexity, which is happening more often, is grandparents who are taking care of grandkids whose parent is absent.

Through reading this book these problems are addressed with lots of counseling interventions and resourceful examples for families that are described in a practical manner.  WORKING WITH AGING FAMILIES is a good resource for church families as we seek to care for both our birth parents as well as our older brothers and sisters in Christ.


865069: Against the Tide: Love in a Time of Petty Dreams and Persisting Enmities A Brief Review of

Against the Tide:
Love in a Time of Petty Dreams
and Persisting Enmities

By Miroslav Volf.
Paperback: Eerdmans, 2010.

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Reviewed by Stephen Lawson.

Since the publication of Exclusion and Embrace in 1996, Miroslav Volf has been one of the most influential theologians in America. Originally from Croatia, Volf is now professor of theology at Yale. His influence can be seen in both the academy (where After Our Likeness: The Church as the Image of the Trinity was hailed as one of the most rigorous theological defenses of “free church ecclesiology” to date) and the church (where his more accessible books such as The End of Memory and Free of Charge have received a wide readership). Despite the undeniable distinction between his work for the academy and his work for the wider church, there is a remarkable consistency in the themes he explores. He is committed to a theology that both speaks the truth and calls for total reconciliation between enemies.

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