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The Spirit, Technology, and our Relationship with God

A Feature Review of

iGods: How Technology Shapes our Spiritual and Social Lives

Craig Detweiler

Paperback: Brazos Press, 2013
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Reviewed by Adam Metz.

I can still remember two teenage girls from our youth group telling me that they had recently set up an account for me on a new website called Facebook – “It’s way cooler than Myspace,” they assured me.  Facebook had just begun allowing non-students to sign up, and these girls were certain I would want to join.  I quickly assimilated the novel social networking website into my daily routine to the point where it now comes so naturally that it is difficult to remember life B.F.B. (before Facebook).  Fast forwarding to today finds my Facebook account linked to my Instagram and Twitter accounts which take time away from my Snapchat, Youtube, LinkedIn, iTunes, and Google accounts.  The dizzying rate at which these technological innovations have assimilated into everyday life for millions of people has left us little time to reflect upon the spiritual dynamics of how these innovations have shaped and are shaping our spiritual and social lives.
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