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Hymns from the Gathering ChurchHymns Grown
in the North Carolina Soil

Review of
Hymns From the Gathering Church

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Reviewed by John Jay Alvaro.

The renewal of hymnody in non-traditional churches is both exciting and disorienting. It seems like every week a new album of hymns is being released. Many of these albums filter the hymns through their local worship team. The latest offering from the Gathering Church is not that kind of hymns album.

This is an album of collisions. The musician line up is a who’s-who of local North Carolina artists. The songs themselves come from the worshipping community at the Gathering Church, an interdenominational church plant in Durham/Chapel Hill, who meets at a local elementary school. Many of the singers are not members of the church.

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A Brief Review of

John and Charles Wesley:
Selections from Their Writings and Hymns,
Annotated and Explained
Annotated by Paul Wesley Chilcote.
Paperback: SkyLight Paths Publishing, 2011.
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Reviewed by Douglas Connelly

John and Charles Wesley left a spiritual legacy that has touched every facet of Christianity.  Even those traditions that are non-Wesleyan have been affected by the fervor and warmth of the Wesleyan revivals in the eighteenth century and in the revivalists who followed in the Wesley’s footsteps.

Paul Wesley Chilcote, a professor of theology and Wesleyan studies at Ashland Theological Seminary, has given the interested reader a moving and helpful introduction to the sermons, hymns, and theological writings of these two brothers.  He begins with a brief but thorough sketch of the lives and influence of the Wesleys.  They grew up in an Anglican pastor’s home and never really cut their ties to the Anglican Church.  It was only after their deaths that what became known as Methodism moved away (or was pushed away) from the Church of England.

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