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With tomorrow being April Fool’s Day, we thought that it would be fun to pull together a sort of Hall of Fame with the very worst Christian Book Covers!

All of these covers have been featured on one of our previous lists of worst covers, but we’ve picked the worst of the worst and condensed them here, so you don’t have to click a new page for each title…
From 2012-2015, we did an annual list of the worst Christian book covers of that year. CLICK HERE for the 2015 list, which also has links to all the previous years…
These covers are arranged from bad to worst (in our estimation anyway…)

If the Conestoga is a-rockin’, don’t come a-knockin’…
We’re “forming a family” along the Oregon Trail.


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It’s time for a new batch of really bad Christian book covers…

We’ve decided to forego our annual list of the year’s worst Christian book covers, but we will still occasionally post lists of awful covers.


Here are 7 lousy Christian covers that we’ve stumbled upon

(Some of these appeared first on or Kindle Cover Disasters…)

Enjoy, and share these with your friends!


Just One Moment In Time: The Path To Destiny Series # 1


Just one moment…
Exactly how long one can stand to look at this cover?

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The most popular posts on our website in recent years (by far), have been our lists of the Worst Christian Book Covers:

[ 2012 ] [ 2013 ] [ 2014 ] [ 2015 ]

So, we are planning to run a list again this year, but we need your help to make this year’s list even better!


We will pick three winners from your submissions:

1st Prize: $25 Amazon Gift Card +
2 Year Subscription to our Print Magazine ($35 value)

2nd Prize: $10 Amazon Gift Card +
2 Year Subscription to our Print Magazine ($35 value)

3rd Prize:  2 Year Subscription to our Print Magazine
($35 value)

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Today is the birthday of Norton Juster, the author of the side-splittingly hilarious kids book The Phantom Tollbooth.  

In the wake of The Phantom Tollbooth‘s success, Juster wrote The Dot and the Line: A Romance in Lower Mathematics, which was inspired by Edwin A. Abbott’s novel Flatland: A Romance of Many Dimensions.  I just spent several days writing a paper in tribute to my friend and mentor David Neuhouser, who introduced me to Flatland (which I talk about in my new book Reading for the Common Good) and would have loved Juster’s book.

The Dot and the Line was turned into a short film by Chuck Jones, the renowned animator and producer of Looney Tunes, etc. It seems fitting to share this film here today…

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It’s about time for another batch of lousy Christian book covers…

*** If you enjoy these,  here are our lists of Worst Christian Book Covers from previous years:

[ 2015 ]   [ 2014 ]   [ 2013 ]     [ 2012 ]

(Some of these appeared first on…)

Enjoy, and share these with your friends!



Unto Us a Child is Born – Harmony of the Gospels Commentary, Part 1 of 6


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Thomas Crapper Day!

January 27, 2016 — Leave a comment



Today is Thomas Crapper Day, in remembrance of the anniversary of the death of the popularizer of the flush toilet…

Crapper was a plumber who founded Thomas Crapper & Co in London. Contrary to widespread misconceptions, Crapper did not invent the flush toilet. He did, however, do much to increase the popularity of the toilet…

This brief video explains…

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So, it’s that time of year again, when our readers start getting out there and discovering some really bad Christian book covers that came out in 2015…

Next month, we will be running a contest for you to submit and vote on the worst Christian book covers of the year.  Sometime around Thanksgiving, we will release our list of the Worst Christian Book Covers of 2015.

Here are our lists of Worst Christian Book Covers from previous years:
[ 2014 ]   [ 2013 ]     [ 2012 ]

To help get you started on your quest for ridiculous covers…
Here are 10 lousy Christian covers

(Some of these appeared first on…)

Enjoy, and share these with your friends!



Amish Brothers: Elam – Part 2 of the Amish Brothers Series: An Amish Christian Romance


Apparently Melanie Schmidt is the queen of poorly Photoshopping headwear onto “Amish” people.

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How to Know the Wild Animals
Carolyn Wells

If ever you should go by chance
To jungles in the East,
And if there should to you advance
A large and tawny beast–
If he roar at you as you’re dyin’,
You’ll know it is the Asian Lion.
If, when in India loafing round,
A noble wild beast meets you,
With dark stripes on a yellow ground,
Just notice if he eats you.
This simple rule may help you learn
The Bengal Tiger to discern.

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Opening Doors for Conversation
A Review of

A Second Shot of Coffee With Jesus
David Wilkie

Paperback: IVP Books, 2015.
Buy now:  [ Amazon ]  [ Kindle ]
Reviewed by Kevin Wildman.


In college I became acquainted with the writings of Henri Nouwen, who quickly became one of my favorite authors. The thing about Nouwen is the simplicity with which he writes. Much of Nouwen’s writings are quick to read, and easy to comprehend, yet at the same time he communicates deep truths that will keep one thinking for days.
Like Nouwen, Wilkie is gifted at causing me to think for days, even weeks with a few sort sentences. One can easily pick up A Second Shot of Coffee With Jesus and read through it rather quickly, and unlike more complicated works, reading through this quickly does not hinder comprehension and retention.

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It’s time again for a new round of really bad Christian book covers!

Many of these covers were originally featured on or Kindle Cover Disasters. Anytime you need a laugh, these sites both have loads of terrible book covers…

Enjoy, and share these with your friends!

ALSO, if you enjoy these, be sure to check out our lists of:
Worst Christian Book Covers: [ 2014 ] [ 2013 ]  [ 2012 ]


Meet Jesus The Alchemist: Discover The Next Evolutionary Step for Humanity

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