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Love and Prayers in the Holy Land

A Feature Review of 

Where Jesus Prayed: Illuminating The Lord’s Prayer in the Holy Land
Danielle Shroyer

Paperback: Paraclete Press, 2015
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Reviewed by Alex Joyner


On my initial visits to the Holy Land I felt under-mapped.  Overlaid on every piece of terrain I visited there were lines and boundaries – some seen, (like the security barrier that snakes along as fence and concrete wall), some unseen, (like the real and present divisions between Palestinian and Jewish neighborhoods in Jerusalem).  I was always uncertain of the significance of the land where I was standing.

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Staying Awake.

A review of

Chasing The Divine In The Holy Land

Ruth Everhart

Paperback: Eerdmans, 2012.
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Reviewed by Michelle Van Loon


When I asked a veteran traveler for advice just before my husband and I took our first trip to Israel, he said, “Make sure you stay awake.” Though he was offering me a suggestion about how to circumvent jet lag, his words spoke to our entire travel experience. Travel pushes us to be awake and to be present to each moment in ways that our everyday workaday lives often do not.


Pilgrimage transforms those present-in-the-moment travel experiences into a quest to touch the eternal. My husband and I have been to Israel five times in the last four years, and each trip has been an awakening. Though we were there for ministry-related meetings, each trip was pilgrimage for us. I suspect few travel to the Holy Land without becoming pilgrims during the journey, even if they board the plane planning simply to be tourists.

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