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“Assessing a Broken System”

A Review of

The Greatest Story Oversold:
Understanding Economic Globalization.

By Stan G. Duncan

Reviewed by Adam P. Newton.

Stan Duncan - Greatest Story OversoldThe Greatest Story Oversold:
Understanding Economic Globalization.

Stan G. Duncan

Paperback: Orbis, 2011.
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Economics isn’t always the most exciting field of study, and when you factor in the charged politics of globalization, it’s easy to get overwhelmed by the flood of graphs, charts, statistics, and emotions. Thankfully, the principal strength of this new book by Stan G. Duncan is the clear, accessible language he uses to outline his thesis and corresponding details. The Greatest Story Oversold is a solid, faith-based introduction to the intricacies of modern global capitalism, with specific attention being given to how this system has created such a profoundly divergent set of winners and losers.

From the outset, Duncan is upfront with his biases, and such blatant openness is refreshing and welcoming, as it allows the reader to not feel like he or she has just cracked open a graduate-level text in macroeconomic theory. It’s plain to see that Duncan comes from the Christian faith, that he’s comfortable with the language of the Church and the Economics, and that he thinks the system is broken. To put a finer point on it, it’s obvious that the author is a progressive activist who seeks to educate and mobilize like-minded believers who are aware that something is wrong in the world, but aren’t clear on the details.

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