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Gregory Walter

Down in the Fragile Connections and Networks of Life

An Interview with Gregory Walter about his new book:
[easyazon-link asin=”0802864155″ locale=”us”]Being Promised: Theology, Gift, and Practice[/easyazon-link]

(Eerdmans 2013)


Interviewed by Chris Enstad

Gregory Walter’s book is small but has vast consequences for the church in our understanding of grace as a gift especially when it comes to the body and blood of Jesus Christ. Walter walks us through a spectacular set-up for the Eucharist beginning with the meaning of “promise” and “gift”, promise AS gift, the weakness and fragility of the Gift and all leading up to a brilliant topology of promise particularly as it relates to the Eucharist. The very recitation of the words, “In the night in which He was betrayed” set us up as a community for the act of promise in the midst of betrayal. The meaning of this gift is, then, left not up to us as we are wont to do but up to *God*. This whole line of theology, if followed, promises (!) to enact another reformation in our understanding of promise, gift, the neighbor and God.


Walter took some time to answer a few questions about his work for us:
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We’re convinced that books make the best Christmas gifts…

And knowing that our readers have many family members and friends who love to read, we offer the following new book suggestions…


Page 1: The Short List:

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Although we adamantly believe that the consumerism of the Christmas season is way out of control, we aren’t opposed to the giving of thoughtful gifts, particularly books. Here are a few ideas for the readers among your friends and family. Order some meaningful book-related gifts (and help support the ERB in the process…)

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2) Some of our Best Books of 2011…
Here are some of the books from our Best Books of 2011 list.
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3) Amazon Kindle (Kindle Fire, etc.)
The Kindle is a great gift for the reader on your gift list. And now there are many options to suit a wide range of readers and budgets. If you plan to give a Kindle this Christmas, we’d love if you would use the following links…

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Here is a recording of Jonathan Wilson-Hartgrove’s talk “Tactics from Jesus for a Good Life Now” from the 2009 Ekklesia Project gathering. This is a great preview for his book God’s Economy: Redefining the Health and Wealth Gospel, which will be out in October.

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