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Sacrifice and Belief

A Feature Review of

Why Priests? A Failed Tradition

Garry Wills

Hardcover: Viking, 2013
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Reviewed by Joseph Krall


Three days before the publication of Why Priests? A Failed Tradition (Viking, 2013), Pope Benedict XVI announced his resignation. His action comes after decades of dissent within the Catholic Church and massive revelations of abuse from within the Catholic hierarchy. At such a time, Garry Wills’s question – “Why do we need priests at all?” – is particularly pointed, and particularly relevant.

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The Wake Up CallThe Wake Up Call –
12 March 2013


Like the smell of strong coffee wafting down the hall, we offer a few book-related thoughts and stories to jumpstart your day…


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Garry Wills –who is a Roman Catholic — has a new book that raises a host of pointed theological questions about Catholic hierarchy…

Priests: A Failed Tradition

Garry Wills

Hardback: Viking, 2013.
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Stephen Colbert digs right in and explores these questions in his classic style…

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