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This is an important new book on the words we use and the practice of conversation!


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with the author in our
Fall 2018 magazine issue!


We’re giving away THREE copies
of this brand new book:


Learning to Speak God from Scratch:
Why Sacred Words Are Vanishing
–and How We Can Revive Them
Jonathan Merritt

Paperback: Convergent
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Enter to win a copy of this excellent new book by Patton Dodd, Jana Riess, and David Van Biema!

We’re giving away FIVE copies of:

The Prayer Wheel:
A Daily Guide to Renewing Your Faith with a Rediscovered Spiritual Practice
Patton Dodd, Jana Riess, David Van Biema

Hardback: Convergent Books


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of this superb book! 


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Enter to win a copy of the new book by Rachel Marie Stone!

We’re giving away FIVE copies of:

Birthing Hope:
Giving Fear to the Light
Rachel Marie Stone

Paperback: IVP Books


Watch for our review of this book
(and Rachel’s regular column)

in our May 2018 print magazine!

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Enter to win a a pair of new books by Walter Brueggemann!

We’re giving away FIVE pairs of these two new books:

A Gospel of Hope 

Walter Brueggemann

Hardback: WJK Books, 2018

Interrupting Silence:
God’s Command to Speak Out

Walter Brueggemann

Paperback: WJK Books, 2018
Giveaway copies provided by the publisher… 

Enter to win a copy of these two books!

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Many of our readers don’t know that we have a secret little email list called The Daily Book Morsel,

which alerts readers to every new post on our website (our weekly email digest only features a selection of our best posts from that week), and has bonus deals and quotes that are not included in our weekly emails.
The Daily Book Morsel, with 3-5 brief emails a week, may not be for everyone. BUT it is FREE, and if you’re a reading fanatic, and want the deepest coverage of all the best book news, deals, and reviews, it might be a good option for you!

TWO recent sample issues of TDBM:
[ January 12 ] [ January 11 ]


AND now, we are offering a special incentive for readers who might be interested to try out The Daily Book Morsel.
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A Special Christmas Gift for Our Faithful Readers…

We invite everyone who receives our weekly email digest in their inbox to receive a completely FREE 1-year subscription to our quarterly magazine (in digital format).
No Hidden Strings Attached!
We won’t collect your billing info, and charge you as soon as a year is up. We just want to raise awareness of our magazine, and where better to start than with those who read our weekly email… OF COURSE, you are welcome to subscribe to the magazine in print or give gift subscriptions at any time.
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Hailing from Cincinnati, Over The Rhine has been making some of the finest music around for over a quarter century…

OTR has especially made a name for themselves for with their annual Christmas tour, which they have been doing for almost two decades.

To liven up your holidays, here are three superb Christmas shows (from three different tours) that you can stream or download for FREE (via…

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TODAY (Dec. 7) is the birthday of Willa Cather, one of the greatest fiction writers of the twentieth century!

In honor of her life and work, we offer five of her short stories that can be read in full…

The Sculptor’s Funeral
Willa Cather

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Marilynne Robinson

Sunday Nov. 26 is the birthday of Marilynne Robinson, the renowned novelist and essayist!

Marilynne Robinson’s next book, to be released in 2018, is What Are We Doing Here?: Essays

In anticipation of this essay collection, we offer the following list of ten of Robinson’s finest essays that can be read in full online!

You will find the title essay of this forthcoming collection
(which first appeared in The NY Review of Books) near the end of this list…

Top 10 Online Recordings
of Marilynne Robinson

Rachel Marie Stone’s Essay
in Appreciation of Robinson

Enjoy these essays!!!


Originally appeared in The New York Review of Books
and was published in The Givenness of Things: Essays

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The new Fall 2017 ERB print issue has been mailed recently…

Featuring interviews with Ken Wytsma and novelist Mitali Perkins, an essay on David Bentley Hart by Martyn Wendell Jones, reviews and articles by MaryAnn McKibben Dana, C. Christopher Smith, Jon M. Sweeney, two new poems by David Wright, reviews of new books by Willie James Jennings, Brian Zahnd, Arundhati Roy, and MORE.

Click the cover image above to view a larger version.

We are pleased to offer a FREE sampler of this issue,
featuring the first 13 pages:


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Below you will find the ERB
Table of Contents for this issue:

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