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Alternatives to
Economic Darwinism

A Review of
New Financial Horizons:
The Emergence of
an Economy of Communion
Lorna Gold.
Paperback: New City Press, 2010.
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Reviewed by Margaret D’Anieri.

In her introduction, author Lorna Gold writes:

The end of the twentieth century was marked by the so-called “triumph of capitalism” and the failure of the socialism regimes in  Eastern Europe. It was accompanied by a wave of optimism that the “evils” of communism could be overcome by the forces of the free market… just two decades on … the world appeared a very different place. A world of prosperity delivered by free market globalization seemed like a distant dream. All over the world, governments were forced to step in to shore up banks, the stalwarts of market capitalism. Massive inequalities in opportunity remain the norm. Environmental destruction threatens. A series of truly global crises challenges us to think carefully about the assumptions on which economy and society is based.

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