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The Body of God:
An Ecological Theology

Sallie McFague


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A very distinctive and important new option for Christian theology. McFague proposes in a clear and challenging way a theological program based on what she calls ‘the organic model’ for conceiving God.

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Book Bargains [Vol. 3, #40]

November 5, 2010


In our continuing effort to fund the publication and free distribution of The Englewood Review, we are going to be collaborating more intentionally with Christian Book Distributors. Primarily, we will be offering you the opportunity to buy bargain books from CBD that we think of are interest. Buying books this way is a win / win / win proposition. You get great books for a great price, CBD gets the sale and we get an excellent referral fee from CBD.

This week’s Bargains:

031793: Liberating Tradition: Women"s Identity and Vocation in Christian Perspective Liberating Tradition:
Women’s Identity and Vocation in Christian Perspective

By Kristina LaCelle-Peterson / Baker Academic

$2.99 – Save 88%!!!

Demonstrating the liberating nature of Scripture for women, LaCelle-Peterson discusses biblical foundations for identity, body image, personal relationships, marriage, church life, and more. She examines the cultural nature of gender roles and church expectations; and helps women better appreciate themselves, understand their value in God’s eyes, and recognize their potential for meaningful relationships and vocations. 240 pages, softcover from Baker.

22200X: The Spirit of Adoption: At Home in God"s Family The Spirit of Adoption: At Home in God’s Family

By Jeanne Stevenson-Moessner / Westminster John Knox Press

$2.99 – Save 90%!!!

This is front-line work on an urgent topic, that practical kind of “how to” book on one level, and the “why to” theology work we have needed, on another. It is hard to think of any Christian who will have to read it who will not have acquired new perspectives on adoption and on God as Adopter, perspectives that we solely need and will surely welcome.

027062: Gender, Power, and Persuasion: The Genesis Narratives and Contemporary Portraits Gender, Power, and Persuasion:
The Genesis Narratives and Contemporary Portraits

By Mignon R. Jacobs / Baker Academic

$3.99 – Save 86%!!!

Probing the dynamics of God-human and male-female relationships, Jacobs peels away centuries-old misconceptions about biblical narratives that have been used to perpetuate gender roles, reinforce biases, and wield power. Her fresh perspective on linguistic nuances in Genesis and the complex interrelationships underlying key communications and actions raises pertinent questions—and suggests surprising conclusions. 272 pages, softcover from Baker.

36142: Adam, Eve, and the Genome: The Human Genome Project and Theology Adam, Eve, and the Genome:
The Human Genome Project and Theology

Augsburg Fortress

$2.99 – Save 86%!!!

The project to map the human genetic codes has been wisely hailed as a monumental achievement with vast medical promise. Yet the project is also fraught with ambiguities and, the authors of this important volume claim, great potential dangers to society. Adam, Eve, and the Genome combines a basic primer on genetic research with ethical reflection by an interdisciplinary group of scholars.
Part 1 of the book places genetic research in historical perspective, including the historical prickliness between science and religion. Part 2 probes the deepest religious question raised by genetic research: what it means to be human, especially in the coming “biological age”. Finally, part 3 takes up specific social issues about race, freedoms, fairness, and social context and consequences of advanced science.

3796X: Dissident Daughters: Feminist Liturgies in Global Contexts Dissident Daughters:
Feminist Liturgies in Global Contexts

Teresa Berger, ed.
Westminster John Knox Press

$2.99 – Save 90%!!!

With its focus on narratives, its attention to contextual and material realities, and its collection of women-identified liturgies in global context, Dissident Daughters claims prominence within the growing literature on women’s ways of worship. This book not only introduces liturgical texts, but also focuses on the communities that create and celebrate these liturgies. Dissident Daughters gives voice to women activitsts who show how their communities came into being; how social, cultural, and political realities shaped them and their liturgies; and how they envision their lives in and as communities of faith. In drawing the different narratives together, Dissident Daughters displays the expanse fo the worldwide expression of women’s rites and the formation of each by distinctly different contexts of struggle and hope.

35682: In Justice: Women and Global Economics In Justice: Women and Global Economics

By Ann-Cathrin Jarl / Augsburg Fortress

$1.99 – Save 89%!!!

How can Christians work for economic justice today? Spurred especially by the situation of women in the global household, Jarl offers an overview of feminist economics and ethics. Included also are critiques of neoclassical economic theory, objectivity in economics, and current understandings of rights, equality, and power. 177 pages, softcover from Fortress.


An excerpt from

New Feminist Christianity:
Many Voices, Many Views
Mary E. Hunt, Diann L. Neu, Eds.
Hardback: Skylight Paths, 2010.
Buy now: [ Amazon ]

Watch for a review of this book, coming soon in the ERB!