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A Deeper Conversation with God

An excerpt from

More Than You Can Handle: When Life’s Overwhelming Pain Meets God’s Overcoming Grace
Nate Pyle

Paperback: Zondervan, 2019
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Honest expression of doubt is often a sign of faith. As Episcopal priest Fleming Rutledge writes, “The very existence of such doubts are themselves a sign of the divine action that elicits the cry, ‘Help my unbelief!’ (Mark 9:24).” [1]
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Grappling with the Realities of History
An excerpt from

Twelve Lies That Hold America Captive: And the Truth that Sets Us Free
Jonathan P. Walton

Paperback: IVP Books, 2019
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Followers of Jesus must wrestle with what it means to have an authoritative, distinctly Christian witness in our context—not one rooted in American political power, clout, and relevance driven by talk radio, Christian conferences, and televangelism. All people must be called out of what I call white American folk religion (WAFR).

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The Stories that Bind Us
An excerpt from

New Vision for an Old Story:
Why the Bible Might Not Be the Book You Think It Is
Anne Robertson

Paperback: Eerdmans, 2018.
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In all of life, stories are how we form, maintain, and define relationships. When we tell someone about our day, we don’t just recite a list of events. We use the day’s details as building blocks for a story about what our day was like and how we felt about it. That, in turn, gives us a bridge to nurture a relationship with someone else as we tell it and to find meaning for ourselves in what we do. Which is not to say that my Facebook post about last Thursday at work is going to win the Nobel Prize for literature. Sometimes it’s a dull story; often it’s a simple story; sometimes it’s the same story day after day after day, and a loved one’s hearing aid is discreetly switched to “off.” But it’s a story nonetheless, and it matters because, in the process of telling it, I’m inviting you into my life while trying to figure out my own small place and purpose in the world.
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Get a taste of this month’s best nonfiction books, by reading the following excerpts:

    Digital Minimalism:
Choosing a Focused Life
in a Noisy World


Cal Newport

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An excerpt from this insightful new book…

Insider Outsider:
My Journey as a Stranger in White Evangelicalism
and My Hope for Us All

Bryan Loritts

Paperback: Zondervan, 2018
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An Invitation
to Life Together

The slain corpse of Michael Brown has decimated the myth that we live in a post-racial society. The election of our nation’s first African-American president did not end racism. In many ways, we witnessed a fresh proliferation of conflicts between people of color and whites, the powerless and the powerful. In the aftermath of Brown’s demise, there have been riots in his hometown, as well as on social media. In the Christian community, the commentary has likewise been combustible, as one side has appealed to the “facts” of the case— Michael Brown had just stolen some cigars and could very well have been the aggressor—and the other side has spoken out of a deep well of hurt, dug for more than four hundred years with the shovels of racism and institutionalized segregation, where the value of a black life was on a par with that of a horse. So as Michael Brown’s body lay abandoned for hours on a street in Ferguson, Missouri, like some run-over possum or deer, it’s more than understandable that African Americans began to wonder, “What exactly is the value of a black life?”

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A Story of Divine Love
An Excerpt from

The Advent of
the Lamb of God

Russ Ramsey

Paperback: IVP Books, 2018
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This was the heart of Israel’s religion: love. Only divine love made sense of the world. This love went beyond a mere feeling. This love was doctrine. Israel’s story was a story of being kept, and the only reasonable response was to love the Keeper.

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Poet A.E. Stallings’s newly released collection of poems is one of the best poetry books of 2018


Like: Poems
A.E. Stallings

Hardback: FSG Books, 2018
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Here are three superb poems from this collection…


Art Monster
A.E. Stallings

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This Saturday (Oct 20) is the birthday of philosopher and educator, John Dewey.

In honor of the occasion, we offer this excerpt from his helpful book:

How We Think
John Dewey

D.C. Heath, 1910.
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§ 1. Varied Senses of the Term

Four senses of thought, from the wider to the limited

No words are oftener on our lips than thinking and thought. So profuse and varied, indeed, is our use of these words that it is not easy to define just what we mean by them. The aim of this chapter is to find a single consistent meaning. Assistance may be had by considering some typical ways in which the terms are employed. In the first place thought is used broadly, not to say loosely. Everything that comes to mind, that “goes through our heads,” is called a thought. To think of a thing is just to be conscious of it in any way whatsoever. Second, the term is restricted by excluding whatever is directly presented; we think (or think of) only such things as we do not directly see, hear, smell, or taste. Then, third, the meaning is further limited to beliefs that rest upon some kind of evidence or testimony. Of this third type, two kinds—or, rather, two degrees—must be discriminated. In some cases, a belief is accepted with slight or almost no attempt to state the grounds that support it. In other cases, the ground or basis for a belief is deliberately sought and its adequacy to support the belief examined. This process is called reflective thought; it alone is truly educative in value, and it forms, accordingly, the principal subject of this volume. We shall now briefly describe each of the four senses.
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This new biography of Fred Rogers is one of 
this week’s best new book releases!

The Good Neighbor:
The Life and Work of Fred Rogers
Maxwell King

Hardback: Abrams, 2018.
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Listen to an interview that
Maxwell King did with NPR station WNPR


Read an excerpt of the book,
the story of Fred Rogers’s appearance
on The Oprah Winfrey Show:

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I recently read this brief ebook, and appreciated the critical questions it posed:

Pooping Elephants, Mowing Weeds:
What Business Gurus Failed to Tell You

David George Moore

Ebook: Self-published, 2018
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How to Evaluate Business Books

An Excerpt 
(Reprinted with Permission of the Author)


Here are some diagnostic questions which should aid in deciphering the merits of any business book:

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