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A Review of 

The Last Arrow:
Save Nothing for the Next Life

Erwin McManus

Hardback: WaterBrook, 2017
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Reviewed by Andy Johnson III
While Erwin McManus was finishing his writing of The Last Arrow, the message of the book took on deeper meaning when he was diagnosed with cancer. Although he did not write the book intending to describe it as his “last arrow” processing this life-threatening situation accentuated the insight that we are all living with a terminal condition. The question is not if but when we will die. McManus writes, “It’s only when when we realize we are terminal that we start treating time with the respect it deserves.” (96)
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But in Earth, the first film of a five-part series based on elements titled SIGNS, Erwin McManus begins by confessing an urge to agree with the writer of Ecclesiastes, having experienced the same feeling that there’s “nothing new under the sun.” McManus effectively expresses the despair that comes from living a life that lacks any meaning – it can feel empty, futile or vain.

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