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A Brief Review of

Saved by Her Enemy:
An Iraqi Woman’s
Journey from the Heart
of War to the
Heartland of America
Rafraf Barrak and Don Teague.
Hardback: Howard Books, 2010.

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Reviewed by Laretta Benjamin.

This was a wonderful book to read; but in all honesty this was a difficult review to write – only because I find my mind scattering in a million directions – mostly having to do with war – the realities of war, the agendas of war, the effects and consequences of war, the stories and ways of war. Setting aside what you may think of the Iraq war – or even of war at all – this is a great story.  It is a true story and one that serves to help open our eyes to the realities of life for many in our world.  In our relatively safe and secure environment with an abundance of all we need, it’s important for us to get a taste (and probably even a big bite) of what living life means for others.

Thank you to Don Teague and the NBC News team stationed in Iraq who were willing to share this part of their lives with us – relating experiences that must often have been difficult and sometimes incredibly frightening.  And, thanks to Rafraf Barrak for her willingness to openly share her story with those she once considered “her enemy”.  Her honesty, openness and vulnerability brought great risk into her life.

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