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Starting January 4, 2016, we will be changing the format of our email lists…

Many of our readers keep up with our site through either our daily or weekly email digests, so we to be sure you know about a fairly big shift that will be happeningĀ in January.

We are going to be ramping up the content on our site (MORE reviews, MORE book news, MORE poetry!), but along with that shift, our WEEKLY email digest will no longer feature every post on our site. Instead, we will curate a selection of the best content that has been posted over the previous week.

This change also means that our DAILY email digest will be the ONLY way to be notified via email about EVERY post to our site.

If you are a regular reader of our site, we highly recommend switching from our weekly digest to our daily digest, using this form. (If you are not subscribed, now would be a good time to sign up for one of our lists, and links for signing up are included beneath the switching form…)

Choose one of the following three options:

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