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A Dream in your Mind or a Unrelenting Prayer in your Heart

A Feature Review of

Starting Something New: Spiritual Direction for Your God-Given Dream
Beth Booram

Paperback:IVP Books, 2015
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Reviewed by Tiffany Malloy
I remember the first time I made bread from scratch. I remember emptying the tablespoon of yeast granules into a cup of warm water, stirring it gently, and watching the water begin to fizz and bubble. Soon enough, my bare hands became caked with the sticky dough as I mixed the fizzing yeasty water into the dry ingredients. After much squashing and kneading, everything was good and thoroughly mixed so I covered the bowl with a kitchen towel and set the bowl atop a slightly warmed oven. The directions said I now needed to wait and let the yeast do its thing.


A few hours later I lifted up the towel, peeked my nose into the bowl and was delightfully surprised by the huge mound of fluffy dough that replaced the much smaller one that had been there just moments ago (okay, not really moments, but I was chasing 4 kids all morning. Time goes by quickly in my life). I laughed out loud and thought, Amazing.

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Langston Hughes Reading his PoemsIn our continuing National Poetry Month series of poets reading their poetry,
here’s Langston Hughes reading two poems:

These recordings can be found on:

The Voice of Langston Hughes.

Audio CD: Smithsonian, 1995.
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The Weary Blues:

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