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Life Integrated into God
A Feature Review of

FLIPPED: The Provocative Truth that Changes Everything We Know About God. 
Doug Pagitt.

Paperback: Convergent Books, 2015.
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 Reviewed by Bob Cornwall
A central theme in the Christian faith is the call to conversion or repentance. To repent is to change direction. John the Baptist, Jesus, and Peter all preached a message of repentance as the pathway to entering the realm of God.  The language of repentance is rather religious and traditional. It has a certain patina to it, and thus it might not speak as usefully to a culture that has eschewed traditional religious language and practices. So, how might one communicate the truth of repentance in a way that would make sense to this new generation that is either unfamiliar with or uncomfortable with religious language? Perhaps one might create new language to communicate basic elements of the Christian faith.  Thus, Doug Pagitt offers us the term “flipped.”  To flip is to change one’s mind/life and go in a different direction.  Better, Doug writes that “change and growth are what Flipped is all about.” (2).
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Doug Pagitt - Church in an Inventive AgeChurch in the Inventive Age.
by Doug Pagitt.

Paperback: Sparkhouse, 2010.

This is the first book
in the “Inventive Age” series.
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Review of Two New Books by Doug Pagitt.


Reviewed by Amy Gentile.

As Christians learn to navigate what it means to be the Church in the 21st century, there is an important question that must be raised. How do we stay faithful to God’s witness throughout history, the teachings of Scripture and the historic orthodox faith, yet also explore new forms and structures for these teachings as we follow the leading of the Holy Spirit? Doug Pagitt’s books, Community in the Inventive Age and Preaching in the Inventive Age, offer insights that deserve thoughtful reflection.

Pagitt begins both books with a description of several different ages: the Agrarian Age, Industrial Age, Information Age, and finally, the Inventive Age. He also describes some of the unique values of “the Inventive Age” including, but not limited to: “inclusion, participation, collaboration and beauty.” He sees a world being marked by creativity and community, dialogue and openness, and in Community in the Inventive Age, sets forth a vision for what an Inventive Age Church might look like.

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