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“What’s the good of living if you don’t try a few things?”
― Charles M. Schulz, Cartoonist, and creator of Peanuts,
who died on this date, 2000
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The Wake Up Call
Poem of the Day:
Love Winter When the Plant Says Nothing
Thomas Merton

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Kindle Ebook Deal of the Day:
Scary Close: Dropping the Act and Finding True Intimacy

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The Wake Up Call – February 12, 2015


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[easyazon_link asin=”0062330268″ locale=”US” new_window=”default” nofollow=”default” tag=”douloschristo-20″ add_to_cart=”default” cloaking=”default” localization=”default” popups=”default”]Trigger Warning: Short Fictions and Disturbances[/easyazon_link]

By Neil Gaiman

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10 Recommended Bargain Kindle ebooks for $3.99 or Less!



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1) [easyazon-link asin=”B007D6I3VW” locale=”us”]Blue Like Jazz: Nonreligious Thoughts on Christian Spirituality[/easyazon-link] by Donald Miller – $2.99


2) [easyazon-link asin=”B0078FA8HU” locale=”us”]Love Does: Discover a Secretly Incredible Life in an Ordinary World[/easyazon-link] by Bob Goff – $2.99


3) [easyazon-link asin=”B0071EY8KG” locale=”us”]The Virtue of Dialogue: Conversation as a Hopeful Practice of Church Communities[/easyazon-link] by ERB Editor Chris Smith – $2.99


4) [easyazon-link asin=”B008FCY9H0″ locale=”us”]Fiction Writer’s Workshop[/easyazon-link] by Josip Novakovich – $2.99


5) [easyazon-link asin=”B00506WXJA” locale=”us”]Writing the Breakout Novel[/easyazon-link] by Donald Maass – $3.99

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HOWEVER, if you don’t have the time or desire to browse the full collection, we have picked 10 essential ebooks that you should own and read:

[easyazon-image align=”none” asin=”B004UPVN3O” locale=”us” height=”110″ src=”” width=”80″ alt=”Amazon” ] 1) [easyazon-link asin=”B004UPVN3O” locale=”us”]Girl Meets God: On the Path to a Spiritual Life[/easyazon-link] – Lauren Winner

2) [easyazon-link asin=”B0010SIPOY” locale=”us”]Surprised by Hope: Rethinking Heaven, the Resurrection, and the Mission of the Church[/easyazon-link] – N.T. Wright
[easyazon-image align=”none” asin=”B0010SIPOY” locale=”us” height=”110″ src=”” width=”73″]
[easyazon-image align=”none” asin=”B0082HEHZ2″ locale=”us” height=”110″ src=”” width=”71″] 3) [easyazon-link asin=”B0082HEHZ2″ locale=”us”]Radical Integrity: The Story of Dietrich Bonhoeffer[/easyazon-link] by Michael van Dyke

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A Review of

169162: Father Fiction: Chapters for a Fatherless Generation Father Fiction:
Chapters for a Fatherless Generation

By Donald Miller.


Howard Books, 2010.

Buy now:
[ ]

Reviewed by Chris Smith.

Writing in a conversational tone that is both humorous and engaging, Donald Miller is a superb writer, certainly one of the finest living writers of spiritual memoir.  And yet, for most of his adolescent years, he struggled with his schoolwork, wondering if he really was incapable of learning and doing just well enough in school to get by.  The son of a single mother, who worked slavishly to provide for their family, Miller attributes many of his academic and emotional struggles to the lack of a father in his life.  In his newest book, Father Fiction: Chapters for a Fatherless Generation (which some readers will recognize as a reworking of his 2006 book To Own a Dragon), Miller bares the scars on his soul left by growing up without a father figure.  Miller tells the stories here of the many men who mentored him on his journey, serving as surrogate fathers for various lengths of time and to varying degrees of success.  It was, for instance, a youth pastor in his church, who befriended him and saw the gift of words in him, encouraging him to write — even in a phase of his life where he had yet to read a book from cover to cover.

Father Fiction is not a light book, full of brutal honesty that will get its readers (presumably mostly men, or women who want to understand the experience of maleness in world dominated by fatherlessness) to think about their own formational experiences with their fathers, fatherlessness.  Miller observes that this book is about “the hard, shameful, embarrassing stuff … me secretly admitting to you I needed a father, and how I felt like half a man until I dealt with those issues honestly.”   Indeed, the road that winds its way through Father Fiction is a bumpy one that must be taken slowly and attentively.  Underlying Miller’s spinning the yarn of his life and speaking frankly about the wounds he suffered from growing up in a home without a father, is a deep stream of social criticism, a poignant assessment of the contemporary brokenness of the family and its psychological and sociological implications that never waxes nostalgic (as many religious conservatives are wont to do) for the stereotypical nuclear family of a bygone era.  Indeed, his frank critique of the Promise Keepers’ concept of masculinity — which has dominated evangelical understandings of masculinity over the last two decades — was a breath of fresh air.

Ultimately, Father Fiction is a hopeful book, inspiring those of us who are fathers to be more attentive to our fathering and to reach out in compassion to those young men around us (or even one young man) who are growing up without the presence of fathers in their lives.  It would be a fabulous book to be read in our churches, especially by groups of men (and even moreso if a diversity of ages are represented in the group).  This is perhaps the finest book I have ever read on the topic of masculinity (a topic on which, admittedly, I have not read all that many books), steering a wise course between the authoritarianism of the traditionalists and the drum-pounding psychobabble of new age men’s movements.


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“The Stories That Shape Our Lives”

A Review of
A Million Miles In A Thousand Years:
What I Learned While Editing My Life.
by Donald Miller.

Reviewed by Chris Smith.

A Million Miles In A Thousand Years:
What I Learned While Editing My Life.

Donald Miller.
Hardback: Thomas Nelson, 2009.
Buy now: [ ]

Donald Miller - A MILLION MILES

Several years after the success of his New York Times bestselling memoir Blue Like Jazz, Donald Miller was given the opportunity to assist in turning that book into a movie.  The process of editing his life into the screenplay for a movie has now become the impetus for his newest book, A Million Miles in a Thousand Years (available today in bookstores).

Miller’s purpose here is twofold:  on one hand to help us see that the stories we find ourselves (particularly ones related to consumerism) are not very good stories; on the other hand, he encourages us to live lives that are indeed good and meaningful stories.  His writing is the same sharp, witty, self-effacing style that many came to love in Blue Like Jazz.  A Million Miles is particularly useful in helping us to see that our lives are stories and that the stories of our lives give us meaning.

Although it is a relatively small portion of the book, Miller is at his best in critiquing the cultural stories in which we find meaning for our lives.  He writes:

Most Americans aren’t living very good stories.  It’s not our fault, I don’t think.  We are suckered into it.  We are brainwashed, I think. …We watch a commercial advertising a new Volvo, and suddenly we feel our life isn’t as content as it once was.  Our life doesn’t have the new Volvo in it.  And the commercial convinces us we will only be content if we have a car with forty-seven airbags.  And so we begin our story of buying a Volvo, only to repeat the story with a new weed eater and then a new home stereo.  And this can go on for a lifetime.  When the credits roll, we wonder what we did with our lives, and what was the meaning (122-123).

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We have two pre-release copies of Donald Miller’s coming book A MILLION MILES IN A THOUSAND YEARS:WHAT I LEARNED WHILE EDITING MY LIFE that we are giving away!

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