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The season of Advent will be upon us in less than a month… 

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My Soul Waits: Praying with the Psalms through Advent, Christmas & Epiphany
by Martin Shannon, CJ
Paperback: Paraclete Press


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“Be holy, because I am holy.”
A Review of 

Blessed Among Us:
Day by Day with Saintly Witnesses

Robert Ellsberg

Hardback: Liturgical Press, 2016
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Reviewed by Danny Wright
In His book Blessed Among Us, Robert Ellsberg provides readers with an encyclopedia of introductions to a wide variety of saintsEach day offers a brief biography of two “saints” who have lived a life of example and ends with quotes to aid the reader in reflection. This particular volume can be used as an addendum for praying the hours (and can be found as such in the daily prayer app offered by Liturgical Press, Give Us This Day), as a supplement for personal inspiration and reflection, or as the subject for family devotions, or as encouragement for a church/ministry staff. There is a wealth of information shared in a succinct, accessible style that will spark your creativity and curiosity, inspire more attentive living, and may even cause you to fire up your search engine, or send you to your favorite website or bookstore in search of the actual writings that are being referenced.

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A Brief Review of

A 30 Day Retreat: A Personal Guide to Spiritual Renewal.
William Mills.
Paperback: Paulist Press, 2010.
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Reviewed by Kevin Book-Satterlee.

Once while peering at the pitiful waves upon a Scottish coastline, I heard a voice from a Minnesota friend cry out, “These waves are huge!”  Huge?  These little ankle-biting waves couldn’t even push a turtle into shore, let alone a surfer.  But my friend did not have the luxury of growing up by the pounding waves of the Northern California Coast, where a bad day displays a series of four foot waves.  She instead marveled at the waves that “towered” over the ones that she had ever seen in the Great Lakes.

My experience with A 30 Day Retreat, by William Mills, reminded me of that coastal experience in Scotland.  I wanted to get a rush and ride the big waves of spirituality, but instead, I found myself wondering how anything could even get propelled.  Yet, despite my lack of enthusiasm for Mills’s book, perhaps one who’d never seen the giant waves of God’s spiritual life would take this book for something amazing.  Mills did, after all, write for a searching audience, not a twenty-something seminary grad.

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