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The Wake Up CallThe Wake Up Call –
22 February 2013

Like the smell of strong coffee wafting down the hall, we offer a few book-related thoughts and stories to jumpstart your day…

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“It’s always good to remember where you come from and celebrate it. To remember where you come from is part of where you’re going.” – Novelist, Anthony Burgess, born on this day in 1917
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“An artist, under pain of oblivion, must have confidence in himself, and listen only to his real master: Nature.” – Auguste Renoir, born on this day 1841


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Thanks be to God for this new day, may it be full of beauty and grace!

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Dana Gioia - Pity the BeautifulPoems for a Beautiful and Ambiguous World

A Feature Review of

Pity the Beautiful: Poems.

Dana Gioia.

Paperback: Graywolf Press, 2012
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Reviewed by Ragan Sutterfield.

Dana Gioia represents one of the greatest regrets of my life.  It was in college, near the end of the semester and I had some big paper or test or something and Mr. Gioia was giving a reading on campus. I wanted to go, but somehow the voice of prudence called me back to study.  I stayed in the library and probably procrastinated for the entire length of his reading.

I don’t remember whatever test or paper it was that kept me from hearing Dana Gioia read his poetry, but ever since I’ve always made a point never to miss a lecture or reading I really want to go to and to read every book of poetry Dana Gioia publishes.  This second resolve has given me the great joy of wonderful evenings, reading again and again, some of my favorite Gioia poems, which are some of my favorite poems at all.  Poems like “A Short History of Tobacco” from Gioia’s collection Daily Horoscope , with its clever refrain “Profitable, poisonous, and purely American” or “The Lives of the Great Composers” which is written after the pattern of a fugue, repeating themes and lines, while beautifully recounting the lives of the great classical composers.

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