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Jana Riess’s new book on Millennials in the LDS church, is a helpful book, that is pertinent for understanding this generation in most religious communities:

The Next Mormons:
How Millennials Are Changing
the LDS Church

Jana Riess

Hardback: Oxford UP, 2019
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Listen to this podcast in which Riess introduces and overviews the book:

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Listen to this great NPR interview with Barbara Brown Taylor, author of:

Holy Envy:
Finding God in
the Faith Of Others

Barbara Brown Taylor

Hardback: HarperOne, 2019
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Listen to this interview with Terry Gross of Fresh Air…

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During Lent, we will be hosting a conversation on this classic book on our website:

The Sabbath
Abraham Joshua Heschel

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Our first set of discussion questions, which will cover the introduction (by Heschel’s daughter Susannah) and the prologue, will be posted on Thursday of this week. 
You can prepare for this conversation by reading the above passage. ( If you have an older edition of the book, it may not include the introduction, but you can read that online here). For background on Heschel’s life and work, you might want to watch these video clips.
Hoping that you will join with us in this conversation!


This is a fascinating and important collection of essays on the immigrant experience in America…

The Good Immigrant:
26 Writers Reflect on America
Nikesh Shukla and
Chimene Suleyman, Eds.

Hardback: Little, Brown and Co., 2019.
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Listen to this great NPR interview about this book…
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This superb new novel explores the crisis of immigrant children at the US-Mexico border.

Lost Children Archive:
A Novel

Valeria Luiselli

Hardback: Knopf, 2018
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Listen to an interview that the author did with public radio station WNYC…

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During Lent (starting Wednesday March 6), we will be hosting a conversation on this classic book on our website:

The Sabbath
Abraham Joshua Heschel

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*** For a limited time, you can get
the Kindle ebook for only $1.99!!!
We will read through the book in six weekly segments, and each week we will post questions on that week’s reading and invite you to post your questions and observations on the reading…

Make sure you have a copy of the book, and between now and Ash Wednesday, you may want to watch these video clips that introduce Heschel’s life and work.


NPR is one of the many sources we look to for tips on excellent new books!
We especially love their interviews with authors.

Here is a Top 10 list of our favorite NPR author interviews of 2018…

 #10 – Love

Matt de la Peña

Hardback: G.P. Putnam.
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Fleming Rutledge’s new book on Advent is extraordinary!

The Once and Future Coming of Jesus Christ

Fleming Rutledge

Paperback: Eerdmans, 2018
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*** Watch for our review of this book
in our Advent 2018 magazine issue
and be sure to get this issue ]


Watch this brief video of Fleming Rutledge
talking about the meaning of Advent…

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This biography is one of this year’s best nonfiction books:

Frederick Douglass:
Prophet of Freedom

David Blight

Hardback: Simon & Schuster, 2018
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Listen to an NPR interview with the author:

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This collection of short stories has been nominated for a number of awards this year (long-listed for the National Book Award, Finalist for the Kirkus Prize):

Heads of the Colored People: Stories
Nafissa Thompson-Spires

Hardback: Atria, 2018
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Listen to a great interview that Nafissa Thompson-Spires
did with NPR’s Audie Cornish:

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