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The Church of Mercy:
A Vision for the Church

Pope Francis

Paperback: Loyola Press, 2014

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“What did we do to deserve such a man as Pope Francis? Every day the world drops its jaw in wonder at the work of art that is Jorge Mario Bergoglio.  Read this book, and see how he is doing it.”
–Fr. Richard Rohr, O.F.M.
“I can’t even tell you the sense of wonder and gratitude I am feeling reading The Church of Mercy. Every Christian in at least the western world should read this man…at least read enough to know what Christianity has come upon or been given or will be watching develop over the next few years. This man sees, and is of, the Kingdom of God.”
–Phyllis Tickle

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The Abounding of Humility

A Feature Review of

Church of Mercy: A Vision for the Church
Pope Francis

Paperback: Loyola Press, 2014
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Reviewed by Tom Tatterfield

*** This book was chosen as one of our Best Books of the first half of 2014!
It has become rather commonplace to acknowledge the election of Pope Francis as a breathe of fresh air for the Roman Catholic Church, both in the western world and globally. Throughout the first year of his papacy, Christians and non-Christians alike have, with intrigue, fixed their gaze on Francis, having a curiosity stirred in them by his acts of compassion and humility. The Church of Mercy has finally arrived in print as a welcome work compiling various teaching moments of Francis throughout this initial year as Pope. The book is a collection of excerpts derived from homilies, addresses, his first encyclical (Lumen Fidei) and his apostolic exhortation (Evangelii Gaudium). The editorial work deserves special mention, gathering several texts and arranging them thoughtfully in order to properly portray the breadth of Pope Francis’s spiritual wisdom. The excerpts, each no longer than a couple pages in length, have been organized categorically around certain topics/themes (i.e. the gospel, evangelization, the Holy Spirit, pastoral ministry, idolatry, etc…), resulting in a very readable book replete with profound insight for the life of the Church. It is a window through which one might see the heart of Pope Francis and his vision for the Church.

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