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The Gift of Wonder takes the reader on a journey of discovery through the integration of goodness, beauty, and truth.”
– Alan Hirsch

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The Gift of Wonder:
Creative Practices for Delighting in God

Christine Sine

Paperback: IVP Books, 2019.
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The Gift of Wonder: Creative Practices for Delighting in God 

Christine Aroney-Sine

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[easyazon-image align=”left” asin=”1936474220″ locale=”us” height=”333″ src=”” width=”221″ alt=”Monette Chilson” ]Is Yoga an Acceptable Christian Spiritual Practice?

A Review of

Sophia Rising: Awakening Your Sacred Wisdom Through Yoga

Monette Chilson

Paperback: Bright Sky Press, 2013
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 Reviewed by Christine Sine

This review originally appeared on the reviewer’s blog. We reprint it here with permission.


Is yoga an acceptable Christian spiritual practice? That is one of the questions that will arise for many of us as we read Monette Chilson’s new book Sophia Rising: Awakening Your Sacred Wisdom Through Yoga.

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[easyazon-image align=”left” asin=”B00A3KIIL0″ locale=”us” height=”333″ src=”” width=”222″ alt=”Christine Sine” ]Change Your Consciousness and Transform the World


A Feature Review of

Return to Our Senses: Re-Imagining How We Pray
Christine Sine

Paperback: MSA Publications, 2013.
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Reviewed by Austen Sandifer


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Prayers are the deepest callings and intentions of the heart. Sometimes, our hearts are complicated or we desire to express intentions and hopes as part of a community, and then prayers may have ritual or traditional aspects to them. Sometimes, too, praying seems like it should be so sacred that certain formulas for correctness should be followed; this tendency has resulted in millennia of questions, instructions, and even resignation amongst people about the nature of prayer and how they should go about doing it. Mostly though, in spite of a human tendency to complicate things, praying is simple. We pray when we set our hearts on openness and love in a way that allows us to experience wonder and gratitude at beauty in the world. We pray when we set our hearts on loving and caring about people who are sick or in need. We pray when we feel desperation and reach out for hope and love. We pray when we set out deepest intentions for goodness in the world. These are all ways we connect with God, the spirit of love and giver of life.

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