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We’re convinced that books make the best Christmas gifts…

And knowing that our readers have many family members and friends who love to read, we offer the following new book suggestions…


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[easyazon-image align=”left” asin=”0802866891″ locale=”us” height=”333″ src=”” width=”222″ alt=”Miroslav Volf”]Conversation Partners Who Ask Tough Questions

A Feature Review of

DO WE WORSHIP THE SAME GOD?    Jews, Christians, and Muslims in Dialogue.

Miroslav Volf , Editor.

Paperback: Eerdmans, 2012.
Buy now:  [ [easyazon-link asin=”0802866891″ locale=”us”]Amazon[/easyazon-link] ]

Reviewed by Bob Cornwall.


Jews, Christians, and Muslims all claim Abraham as a spiritual ancestor, but do these self-proclaimed children Abraham worship the same God?  There are those within each of these communities that would affirm this proposition, but many others who would reject this idea.  There is a related question – does our ability to live together in peace require us to affirm each other has essentially co-religionists?  Granted that each faith community might understand God’s nature differently and worship differently; do we need to find sufficient common ground to overcome any deep-seated animosity?

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Here are seven essential classics of the Christian faith that are available as FREE Kindle ebooks!!!
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Together these seven books cover a wide swath of historical Christian theology and practice.  I’ve added at the end seven additional titles that broaden the scope of this survey and are available for 99cents each.

Use the comments below to tell us how you have been impacted by one or more of these classics…

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