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The first video segment from the study DVD:

The Awakening of Hope

Book by Jonathan Wilson-Hartgrove
DVD features Shane Claiborne, Jonathan Wilson-Hartgrove and others.
Zondervan, 2012.
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Why We Eat Together (Featuring Shane Claiborne / Chris Haw)


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Chris Haw - From Willow Creek to Sacred HeartMixing Contemplation and Action

Review of

From Willow Creek to Sacred Heart

Chris Haw

Paperback: Ave Maria Press, 2012.
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Reviewed by Christopher Brown.

Chris Haw’s newest book, From Willow Creek to Sacred Heart, recounts how his pursuit of a Christ-like life led him to convert to Catholicism through the Sacred Heart parish of Camden, NJ. Though subtitled “Rekindling my Love for Catholicism,” this book is not an idealistic or triumphal story of an evangelical’s quest for the true Church.  Instead, it’s a gritty memoir of Haw’s own journey of discipleship in very different but very specific contexts.  Part One tells the story of Haw’s own spiritual journey: a childhood in a Catholic parish in Ohio, the blooming of his faith in the youth program of a suburban megachurch, education and anti-war activism at Eastern University, all the way to his migration to the inner-city.  Part Two presents Haw’s theological musings not as abstract apologetic arguments, but as authentic reflections of the questions Haw asked with his feet firmly on the ground in Camden.

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