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Standing on a Newfoundland Cliff
Magie Dominic

(Inspired by Al Purdy’s
‘Trees at the Arctic Circle’)

The breeze had changed to a robust wind,
I could feel it across my shoulders. It was rushing the clouds.

Waves below were crashing on ancient stones
that were long ago torn from the cliffs;
sea foam littered the beach.

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A Gold Leaf of Faith

A Review of

Heron River: A Novel

Hugh Cook

Paperback: Mosaic Press, 2012.

Reviewed by Cynthia Beach.
Buy now:  [ Mosaic Press ]

Tragedy happens near the Indian Road driveway between the fourth and fifth spruce. A mother turns from the window to oven and lifts out the rhubarb pie. Outside, her running boy missteps. Wooden boards collapse and he falls into a well.

Canadian writer and Calvin College alumnus Hugh Cook in his new novel Heron River tells what happens after tragedy deforms normal expectation. What comes twenty years later when the resuscitated boy named Adam is a man and his mother, Madeline, contends with all that has changed?

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