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Next week brings my favorite conference,
the biennial Festival of Faith and Writing at Calvin College!

We will have a booth in the Exhibit Hall…
Please do stop by and see us,
pick up a FREE copy of our newest print issue, and
enter to win some of the hundreds of dollars of prizes that we will be giving away!

Here’s a guide to the sessions that I would most like to attend
(No more than one per time-slot).

Although there are many other excellent sessions that run concurrently with each of these.
( Times are subject to vary. Consult your Festival program onsite to confirm time and location )

Thursday April 14 – P.M.

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A few items of news that may be of interest:

  • Congrats to the winners of our Easter contest:
    1st Place:    Russ Reeves
    2nd Place:  Patrick Marchman
    3rd Place:  Tim Ghali
    4th Place:  Andrew Gates
    5th Place:  Rose Perrella
    6th Place: Armida Belmonte / Mark Grapengrater / Billy Haines
    Carl Schnauffer / Ethan Waters
  • We will have a booth at the renowned Festival of Faith & Writing at Calvin College next week.  If you will be there, do drop by and say “hello.”  We are excited to be there for the first time this year!
  • As a result of the FF&W, next week’s issue will be released on Tuesday April 13.  The theme will be Food, Agriculture and the Environment.
  • Also as a result of the FF&W next week, we will not be sending out a list of titles to our reviewers.  The next list will go out on Monday April 26.  If you are not on our reviewers’ list and would like to be, drop us an email at editor [ at] englewood review [ dot ] org

And finally, here are some great book bargains from…

705621: A Guide to Tolkien A Guide to Tolkien

By David Day / Chancellor Press
$1.99 – Save 87%

Tolkien fans! Do you remember who the Ainur are? Who lives in Fangorn Forest? What are Oliphaunts? Where is the White Tower? This detailed A-to-Z guide to Tolkien’s writings has the answers! Essential for everybody who loves his works, it explains the creatures, plants, events, and places that make up Middle-earth. 271 pages, softcover from Chancellor.

431191: Anxious About Empire: Theological Essays on the New Global Realities Anxious About Empire:
Theological Essays on the New Global Realities

By Edited by Wes Avram / Baker
$0.99 – Save 95%

In response to the 2002 foreign policy directive that changed America’s national security strategy, a denominationally diverse group (Mennonite, Catholic, Congregational, Catholic) of theologians, theorists, scholars, and pastors addresses the transnational nature of the church, loving neighbors in a globalized world, the use of Scripture in imperial rhetoric, and more. 218 pages, softcover from Brazos.

027225: The American Church Experience The American Church Experience

By Thomas A. Askew & Richard V. Pierard / Baker
$0.99 – Save 95%

Askew and Pierard’s readable survey traces the fascinating story of religious life in America, beginning with its colonial foundations through the Civil War to the tumultuous decades of the 20th and early 21st centuries. Discusses the abolition of slavery, civil rights, pluralism, missions, church-state separation, and the role of minority churches. Includes an extensive bibliography. 288 pages, softcover from Baker.


ERB editors Chris Smith and Brent Aldrich will be speaking at Calvin College next Monday with our friend Ragan Sutterfield:

Taking Pop Culture Back to the People:
The Church as a Catalyst of Local Culture
A Lecture in the Calvin College Pop Culture Series

3:30 PM Monday March 8, 2010
Meeter Center Lecture Hall
Calvin College
Grand Rapids, MI

Free and Open to the Public.

The effects of several centuries of individualism and several decades of globalization, have served to disconnect us from our neighbors and from the places in which we live. Brent Aldrich, Chris Smith and Ragan Sutterfield will make a case that churches, as communities of God’s people guided by the redemptive mission of God, are not only essential to the reclaiming of the identity of their specific places, but can also serve to nurture a distinctive local culture that is of the people (i.e., popular). Brent, Chris and Ragan will also share stories from our own adventures in embodying this vision of the Church – Ragan as a farmer, Brent as a visual artist and Chris as a community developer and urban naturalist.

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