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Wish you could be at the Wild Goose Festival?

(Or, just returned home and want to dive into a speaker’s work?)

Here are twelve essential recent / forthcoming books by authors speaking at Wild Goose:

(We hope these books stir conversations in the communities where you live!)


Lessons in Belonging from a Church-Going Commitment Phobe


Erin Lane
(IVP Books)


Forward Together: A Moral Message for the Nation


Rev. William Barber
(Chalice Press)


Thomas Merton Peacemaker


John Dear
(Orbis Books)

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I’m looking forward to going to the Justice Conference this weekend in Chicago!

In honor of this gathering, I offer…

10 Recent Books that will guide us toward a deeper,
more Christ-like understanding of justice.

Where applicable, I have link to our review / coverage of each book.

Enjoy, and share these with your friends!

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One of this week’s best new book releases…


The Millionaire and the Bard: Henry Folger’s Obsessive Hunt for Shakespeare’s First Folio
Andrea Mays

Hardback: Simon and Schuster, 2015
Buy now: 
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Read an excerpt from this new book (via LitHub)…


Listen to an NPR interview with the author:

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 Give the Gift

Give the Gift of Reading This Christmas!

You may or may not know that we also publish a quarterly print magazine that contains exclusive book news, reviews and interviews that are NOT available on our website.

The print edition of the Englewood Review makes a perfect gift for all the readers on your Christmas list!

You can use these links to purchase a subscription for yourself or a friend:

ONE YEAR   ( $18.95 )    TWO YEAR  ( $35.00 )

Using the above links, make sure the recipient’s postal address is included as the SHIPPING address. We will be glad to send an email notification of this gift to your recipient! Simply include their email address as “special instructions” with your payment.

If you want to give us a gift this Christmas, and help sustain and support the work of the ERB, here are two ways to do so…

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CCDA 2014

Are you going to the CCDA 2014 Conference next week?

We will be there and will be running the main conference bookstore, as we have for the past 4 years.  Please do stop by and say hello!

Here are seven new books that we will be featuring in the bookstore!
(All of these books have been released in the last year…)

Most of these authors will also be speaking at the conference. Be sure to attend their sessions.

John Perkins | Jonathan Wilson-Hartgrove
Lisa Sharon Harper
  | Leroy Barber
Chanequa Walker-Barnes | Slow Church | Eugene Cho

John Perkins

Mobilizing for the Common Good: The Lived Theology of John M. Perkins
(U of Mississippi Press, 2013)


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 Interdependence Day

Celebrate Interdependence Day!!!

Five years ago, some friends and I suggested that instead of celebrating Independence Day, Christians should celebrate INTERdependence Day!

Here’s a recent reflection that I’ve written on Slow Church and why we need Interdependence Day

Here are seven books that are essential reading
for helping our churches to embody interdependence…

Slow Church: Cultivating Community in the Patient Way of Jesus
Chris Smith and John Pattison

Paperback: IVP Books, 2014

[ Read our review ]  [ Read an excerpt ]


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What books have been helpful for you in thinking about interdependence in the Church?

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Are you going to the Wild Goose Festival this weekend?

I am, for the first time and will be doing a session on Slow Church.

There are so many wonderful authors and activists and musicians who will be presenting that it will be hard to decide who to check out.

Since our focus is on books, here are seven authors of new-ish books that you won’t want to miss!

Enjoy these short videos and book excerpts as an introduction to these authors:

Sara Miles  |  Fred Bahnson  |  Tim Soerens  | Joerg Rieger
Alexia Salvatierra  | Jon Sweeney  |  Kelly Bean

Sara Miles, Author of

City of God: Faith in the Streets
(Jericho Books, 2014)



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I recently discovered

And was delighted to find that they had featured a number Lousy Christian covers.  Here are a few of the best (or should I say worst?) covers featured on their website over the last few months.

If you enjoy these, you should spend awhile
perusing their site for more lousy Christian book covers and
connect with them on Facebook

Enjoy, and share these with your friends!

ALSO, if you enjoy these, be sure to check out our:
Worst Christian Book Covers of 2013
Worst Christian Book Covers of 2012


Times of Trial: Christian End Times Thriller (The End Times Saga 3)

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Rachel Marie Stone

[ Editor’s Note:  I was honored to be part of a panel conversation on Slow Reading and Slow Writing, at last week’s Festival of Faith and Writing at Calvin College.  The other panelists were Rachel Marie Stone, author of the award-winning Eat with Joy; John Wilson, the heralded editor of Books and Culture; and Leslie Leyland Fields, author of many books including Forgiving Our Fathers and Mothers[/easyazon-link].  As Rachel was traveling back to the US from Africa just prior to the festival, she wrote out her talk ahead of time and graciously gave us permission to run it on our site.]

Slow Reading
A Story
by Rachel Marie Stone


Sometime in the late 1940s or early 1950s, my great-grandmother Katherine somehow saved up a few thousand bucks to buy a little sandy plot on the corner of Jacqueline Road and Surf Drive and there she built a little beach cottage among the open sand dunes.

It was a five-minute flip-flop walk to the roaring Atlantic, and a wonderful, wonderful place to read; cozy couches and bookshelves lined the walls; no television pulled anyone’s gaze from the page.
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Barna Frames

I’m very intrigued by the newly released collection of 9 little books in the Barna Frames series…

The series positions itself as an introduction to 9 crucial issues of our time, written by some of the sharpest thinkers around…

The books are:
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