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“Our Food and
Our Idolatry of Science”

A Review of
Beyond Biotechnology:
The Barren Promise of
Genetic Engineering
by Craig Holdredge and Steve Talbott.

By Chris Smith.

Beyond Biotechnology.
Craig Holdrege and Steve Talbott.
Hardcover.  University Press of Kentucky. 2008.
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BEYOND BIOTECHAt Englewood Christian Church, we talk a lot about community, land and food in light of our Christian faith.  We have appreciated a number of books in the University Press of Kentucky’s heralded “Culture of the Land” series that contains titles related to the new agrarianism.  Thus, it was with great anticipation that I picked up this book, one of the most recent titles in this series.  My anticipation was heightened further when, in her book Distracted, Maggie Jackson referred to Steve Talbott as a social critic of a similar caliber to Jacques Ellul or Neil Postman.  A little more online research into the Nature Institute, for whom both authors work, served to pique my interest in Holdredge’s work and make me even more excited to read this book.  Suffice it to say that this book not only met my high expectations, but also – in its launching out into some unexpected directions – offered much more than I had anticipated.

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