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Stopping The Swinging Pendulum
A Review of

Dwell: Life with God For the World
Barry Jones

Paperback: IVP Books
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Reviewed by Kevin Wildman


As an undergraduate student one of my professors, discussed the pendulum swing in the church throughout history. He explained that the church often reacts to a position or event by swinging its position to the complete opposite side. The more I observe and experience, the more I see the truth presently being lived out in the church. As the body of Christ we tend to be pretty good at being divisive over our opinions, everything from clothing attire, use and accumulation of wealth, worship styles, politics, and everything in between. Sometimes it seems like there is more work across the aisles in Washington than there is in the Church. One such area that I have witnessed this division is, on one side of the pendulum Spiritual Formation, and on the other Missional mindedness. Michael Frost puts it this way in the forward, Spiritual Formation focused people “seem oriented toward the inner work of self-reflection, contemplation and holiness. We missional types are more oriented to the outer works of service, justice seeking, peacemaking and evangelism.” (7).

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