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Simple Lessons from Small Talk


Why young mothers should read Amy Julia Becker’s newest book

by Jen Pollock Michel


Small Talk: Learning From My Children About What Matters Most
Amy Julia Becker
Paperback: Zondervan, 2014

She kept a list. She wrote reminders. Something to ask. A story to tell. An opinion to solicit. My friend’s list was our only real hope for sustaining thought in the sitcom quality of life during the years when our children were young. We suffered the constancy of commercial breaks: to change a diaper, to zip up a jacket, to retrieve Buzz Lightyear who’d been mercilessly thrown into the toilet. To think that our friendship survived the bleary-eyed years of that episodic sanity, when we were cycling and recycling through the states of pregnancy and nursing and potty-training is a testament to the great mercy of God.


I’ve almost forgotten how harried those days actually were. My friend’s list of conversational prompts remind me, however, that it was once an Olympic feat to finish a sentence, much less see to the cohesion and conclusion of a conversation. I can take for granted the long stretches of quiet I now have to myself to write and study in the middle of the day when the children (all five of them!) are off to school. I even make uninterrupted phone calls.

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Amy Julia Becker -  A Good and Perfect GiftComing to Terms with Life.

A Review of

A Good and Perfect Gift: Faith, Expectations, and a Little Girl Named Penny.

Amy Julia Becker.

Paperback: Bethany House, 2011.
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Reviewed by Heather Grady.

Her birth story is like most others: the usual excitement and pain resulting in a 5 pound 5 oz daughter – Penelope Truesdell Becker. It is only after the family is called and mother recovering that the life changing words are uttered, “The doctors think Penny has Down syndrome.” And so begins A Good and Perfect Gift: Faith, Expectations, and a Little Girl Named Penny, the memoir of Amy Julia Becker, mother of Penny.

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