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Excerpt from

The Grace of Silence: A Memoir.
Michele Norris.
Hardback: Pantheon, 2010.
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This book was one of our friend Byron Borger’s selections on his best books of 2010 list


Best Books of 2010

At the close of another year, we thank God for allowing us another year of reading and reviewing books, and for all of you who have continued on this journey with us — reading our reviews or even writing reviews for us. 2010, of course, saw the launch of our print edition, about which we are really excited, and we are grateful for all who have been among our earliest subscribers. We have read (or excerpted) several hundred books this year, most of which have been very good – we try not to waste our time or anyone else’s with bad or even mediocre books – but we offer to you here the best of the best, our honor books for 2010.

As in past years, our primary criterion both for selecting books to review and for honoring the year’s best books is to choose books that are “for the life of the Church” – i.e., books that energize us to be the community of God’s people that God has called us to be and that nurture our mission of following in the way of God’s reconciliation of all things (in all its broadness!).

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The Wisdom of Stabilty - Jonathan Wilson-Hartgrove.Here are our picks for the ten best books of the first half of 2010…
(In order, beginning with our favorite.)


  1. The Wisdom of Stability:
    Rooting Faith in a Mobile Culture

    Jonathan Wilson-Hartgrove.
    Paperback: Paraclete Press, 2010.
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  2. Journey to the Common Good.
    Walter Brueggemann.
    Paperback: WJK Books, 2010.
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  3. Imagination in Place.
    Wendell Berry.

    Hardback: Counterpoint, 2010.
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  4. Martin Luther King, Jr.:
    The Essential Box Set.

    15 Cd’s: Hachette Audio,  2010.
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  5. The Sabbath World: Glimpses of a Different Order of Time
    Judith Shulevitz
    Hardback: Random House, 2010.
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  6. The Seven Pillars of Creation:
    The Bible, Science, and the Ecology of Wonder.

    William P. Brown
    Hardback: Oxford UP, 2010.
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  7. Harvesting Fog: Poems.
    Luci Shaw.

    Paperback: Pinyon Publishing, 2010.
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  8. Manifold Witness:
    The Plurality of Truth.

    by John R. Franke.
    Paperback: Abingdon, 2010.
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  9. Imperfect Birds:
    A Novel

    Anne Lamott.
    Hardback: Riverhead, 2010.
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  10. After You Believe:
    Why Christian Character Matters.

    N.T. Wright
    Hardback: HarperOne, 2010.
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It’s hard to believe that we are already into the second quarter of 2010!

This quarter year mark is as good a time as any to pause and think about what we’ve been reading:

  • What is the best book you’ve read so far this year?
    (Preferably books published in the last year, but don’t feel restricted by that, if you’ve read something that really excited you.  And feel free to categorize if you’d like: Best Novel, Best Theology Book, etc).
  • And do tell us why.

Your input will be taken into consideration as we assemble the best books of 2010 lists later this year…

Please use the comments below to discuss.  Note: We do get hit with a good deal of spam, so we have to moderate your comments.  We ask your patience, as we try to get your comments moderated as quickly as possible.