St. Thomas Aquinas – Three Hymns [Poems]

January 26, 2018


Jan. 28 marks the Feast Day of St. Thomas Aquinas.

We celebrate the occasion with three hymns that he wrote, and that have been passed down through church history…


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O Food of Men Wayfaring
St. Thomas Aquinas

(Trans. Athelstan Riley)


O Food of men wayfaring,
The Bread of Angels sharing,
O Manna from on high!
We hunger; Lord, supply us,
Nor thy delights deny us,
Whose hearts to thee draw nigh.

O Stream of love past telling,
O purest Fountain, welling
From out the Saviour’s side!
We faint with thirst; revive us,
Of thine abundance give us,
And all we need provide.

O Jesu, by thee bidden,
We here adore thee, hidden
’Neath forms of bread and wine.
Grant when the veil is riven,
We may behold, in heaven,
Thy countenance divine.


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