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March 28, 2014


Slow Church

Yesterday was a big day for the SLOW CHURCH book!

Bob Smietana of Religion News Service (RNS) wrote a really positive article on the book and the growing conversation about Slow Church, and this article was picked up by a number of outlets including The Washington Post!


WaPoSlow church movement fights the ‘McDonaldization’ of church

Going to church these days can be a bit like eating at a fast food joint.

It might be quick and tasty.

But it won’t satisfy your soul.

You can’t franchise the kingdom of God, say the authors of “Slow Church,” a new book from InterVarsity Press that applies the lessons of the slow food movement to congregational life.

C. Christopher Smith and John Pattison, the book’s authors, are part of a loose network of writers, friends, theologians and pastors worried about what they call the “McDonaldization” of church. They say too many small churches try to mass-produce spiritual growth by copying the latest megachurch techniques.  
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But even more exciting was that IVP released an online sampler of the book, in which you can read the full introduction and one full chapter of the book!!!


(PDF – Should read well on your Kindle, iPad or other device)

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