Samuel Taylor Coleridge – Three Poems

October 21, 2013


Samuel Taylor Coleridge

Today is the birthday of the poet Samuel Taylor Coleridge (born 1772).

Here are three favorite poems of his…

Samuel Taylor Coleridge

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Mild Splendour of the various-vested Night!
Mother of wildly-working visions! hail!
I watch thy gliding, while with watery light
Thy weak eye glimmers through a fleecy veil;
And when thou lovest thy pale orb to shroud
Behind the gather’d blackness lost on high;
And when thou dartest from the wind-rent cloud
Thy placid lightning o’er the awaken’d sky.
Ah such is Hope! as changeful and as fair!
Now dimly peering on the wistful sight;
Now hid behind the dragon-wing’d Despair:
But soon emerging in her radiant might
She o’er the sorrow-clouded breast of Care
Sails, like a meteor kindling in its flight.

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These poems are found in
The Complete Poetical Works of Samuel Taylor Coleridge
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