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October 10, 2014


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The Pursuit of God
By A.W. Tozer


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The Church and the Ministry in the Early Centuries

by Thomas Martin Lindsay

Scholars can only reconstruct what the lives of the first Christians were like with the limited evidence available to them. In 1902, this Scottish theologian set out to do just that, and published a series of lectures he had given on the subject. Drawing from biblical and other ancient texts, Lindsay paints a picture of first century churches, their leaders, and their missionaries. In particular, he traces the development of the ministry itself and how it evolved into the priesthood of the Catholic Church.

Power Through Prayer

by E.M. Bounds
As far as prayer is concerned, Bounds practiced what he preached. His personal prayer regimen called him to prayer for three hours every morning. Bounds did not consider his time in prayer as idle time, but a time that was effective in changing the world through the power and grace of God. Read Bounds’ Power Through Prayer to enrich your understanding of God’s work in the world.

The Necessity of Prayer

by E.M. Bounds

In The Necessity of Prayer, Edward Bounds, a 20th century pastor and lawyer, suggests that prayer is an essential part of the Christian believer’s life. He writes, “the Christian soldier, if he fight to win, must pray much.” Bounds’ book, however, is not simply a list of prayers for one to work through, but also a discourse on the very nature of prayer. He connects the nature of prayer to other features of the Christian life, such as faith, reverence, patience, hope, character, conduct, and faithfulness.


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