Poem: L.H. Bailey “Country School” [Vol. 1, #46]

December 5, 2008


Country School

by Liberty Hyde Bailey


There certainly will come a day

As men become simple and wise

When schools will put their books away

Till they train the hands and the eyes;

Then the school from its heart will say

In love of the winds and the skies:


           I teach

        The earth and soil

        To them that toil,

        The hill and fen

        To common men

              That live just here;


        The plants that grow,

        The winds that blow,

        The streams that run

        In rain and sun

              Throughout the year;


        The shop and mart

        The craft and art,

        The men to-day

        The part they play

              In humble sphere;


        And then I lead

        Thro’ wood and mead

        By bench and rod

        Out unto God

              With love and cheer.

                I teach!




Doulos Christou Press, 2008.

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