Our Desires (and Where they come from) – MacIntyre, Aquinas, Aristotle

July 5, 2018


I’ve recently been digging into one of Alasdair MacIntyre’s recent books (that somehow slipped past our radar)

Ethics in the Conflicts of Modernity:
An Essay on Desire, Practical Reasoning, and Narrative
Alasdair MacIntyre

Hardback: Cambridge UP, 2016
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Our Intro Guide to

I turned to MacIntyre to help me understand the desires we have has humans and where they come from. Those familiar with MacIntyre’s work will not be surprised to find that his exploration of these questions winds its way back in history through St. Thomas Aquinas to Aristotle. It has been very helpful for me to follow this trajectory, and I thought it might also be helpful for some of our readers. 

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Desires, Goods and ‘Good’
Alasdair Mactyre

(An excerpt from Chapter 1)


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