New ERB Print Issue – Advent 2013

January 10, 2014


New ERB Print IssueThe new ERB print issue has been mailed recently and is beginning to be received by our subscribers…

(Yes, it is the Advent issue, We were running late, and the Advent season came and went before we could get the issue out. I guess the Advent season is about waiting, after all…)
Featuring an interview with Paul McCusker, annotator of the new ANOTATED SCREWTAPE, a story from Jonathan Wilson-Hartgrove’s STRANGERS AT MY DOOR, and our Best Books of 2013 Feature. And a superb lineup of reviews: new books by Wendell Berry, Ann Patchett, Christena Cleveland, and MORE!  Plus, Christmas poems from George Macdonald.


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Below you will find the ERB Table of Contents for this issue,
and for the first time, we are including sample articles for you to read in full!!!

Advent 2013
Volume 04, Number 01

2 Editorial


4 Cubicles, Screwtape and the Enduring Appeal of C.S. Lewis
An Interview with Paul McCusker, annotator of The Screwtape Letters: Annotated Edition

14 Englewood Honor Books 2013

18 The Light That Can Shine
A Story From Strangers at My Door
by Jonathan Wilson-Hartgrove



7 Toward The Almost Forgotten Light
C. Christopher Smith
This Day: New and Collected Sabbath
Poems 1979-2012 by Wendell Berry

12 The Gift of the Given
Joe Gunby
Flesh Becomes Word: Poems by Brian Volck

20 Emotion, Faith and Serious Doubt
Jon M. Sweeney
The Breath of Night by Michael Arditti

22 A Book of Its Time Rachel M. Stone
The Kinfolk Table by Nathan Williams

24 Coffee With Jesus by David Wilkie

26 What if There Were No Them In the Body of Christ?
Zena Neds-Fox
Disunity in Christ Christena Cleveland

28 This is the Story of a Wonderful Anthology
Jennifer Burns Lewis
This is the Story of a Happy Marriage by Ann Patchett

30 Out of Bounds with Ragan Sutterfield
Dance Yourself Free: Arcade Fire’s Reflektor

32 The Englewood Review’s Classics
Michael J. Bowling
The Moral Vision of the New Testament by Richard B. Hays

34 On the Bookshelf

36 A Healing Antidote Julie Lane-Gay
Discerning the Body by Jason Byassee

38 True Confessions From a Child of
Consumer Christianity Brad Fruhauff
When We Were On Fire by Addie Zierman


31 Christmas-Day, 1878
Christmas Meditation – George Macdonald

40 A Christmas Carol –  George Macdonald