Lives of the Saints – Alban Butler [Freebie of the Week]

November 1, 2012


Lives of the SaintsToday is All Saints’ Day…

And in commemoration, we are offering a free download of Alban Butler’s classic book The Lives of the Saints, which contains the stories of several saints for each day of the calendar year.  As you can imagine, in addition to all the familiar saints (Francis, Clare, Thomas Aquinas, et al.), there are many lesser known saints from all over the Western world. The stories tend to be more hagiography than biography.

We presume to say, that The Lives of the Saints is an historical supplement to the Old and New Testaments; an illustration of all that God has revealed, and of all the sanctity which his divine grace has produced among the children of men. It is a history, not so much of men, as of all ages and nations; of their manners, customs, laws, usages, and creeds. It is a succinct,but most accurate and satisfactory account of all that the Church of God has done or suffered in this world from the creation to almost our own days. (From the Preface)

In remembrance of All Saints’ Day, we are pleased to offer The Lives of the Saints as our Freebie of the week…

Download a FREE ebook of

Lives of the Saints
by Alban Butler

[available in a variety of ebook formats –Kindle, epub for Nook, etc. — from Project Gutenberg ]

We intend to make the “Freebie of the Week” a regular column… So stay tuned in coming weeks for other free ebooks, downloads, etc.!